Mystic Marriott – An Amazing Hotel Tour

“Disclosure: If you have been following a long on twitter or facebook or even on instagram you may know I spent the last few days in Mystic, Connecticut in preperation for #OceansDay. The Mystic Marriot gave us a room for 2 nights at no charge to help us with this project. I wanted to show you what is was like to stay at the hotel. Even thought these rooms were comped, these pictures and options are all mine.”


  1. Lets start of with the Red Door Spa.  There is one right on the premise.  So, if relaxing is your thing….this is your hotel.



2. There is plenty for you to enjoy even on a rainy day,  A full fitness center, business center, and even an indoor pool.  This hotel is the perfect hotel if you are planning on visiting Mystic, CT on the off season.



3. This hotel has a Starbucks on location and also restaurant. Every morning my kids had a plate full of food at the buffet.  We all loved the breakfast buffet with an omelet station.  I think at one point they were out of strawberries because of my boys.  The love fresh fruit and Mystic Marriott had a full side on the buffet.

20140605-012301-4981840.jpg 20140605-012304-4984811.jpg

4. The Lobby was beautiful. These pictures do not do it justice. The staff was helpful even with all of my kiddos. They seemed to always be smiling and even when some confusion arose at check in they figured it all out and had great customer service.

5. The rooms were clean.  They were relaxing.  Room service was available. Beds were comfy and sleep was sweet.



It is unanimous, we will be going back and Mystic Marriott will be our home hotel again.



  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    I was just in Mystic a few weeks ago, but it’s only a 90 minute drive from me, so I have never stayed there.

  2. Looks like a nice place to stay.If i was ever that way i might like to stay there.

  3. Thanks, I had no idea how nice this hotel was! We are actually looking for something half way between NYC and where our son is going to camp in Rhode Island, this would be perfect!

  4. We are a marriott family! I love the consistency and the quality of the brand.

  5. Man could I use a vacation!

  6. That’s a great looking hotel. The gym is remarkable!

  7. I always think of Mystic Pizza whenever I hear the name. I’d love to venture up that way! This hotel is very nice.

    • I just watched the movie last night. It for sure was fun to see the places after the fact. Very cool. I had never heard about the movie until I was there and everyone was asking if I had mystic pizza. I am a little late to the party.

  8. The name will be easy to remember. I try to book only where I’ve heard good recommendations, so thank you for one to add to the list.

  9. It looks like a great place for a vacation. My parents went to Mystic once and liked it!

  10. Looks like a great hotel. Glad you enjoyed your stay.

  11. This place looks ah-amazing. I often wonder about various hotels, this one looks awesome!

  12. Mariott always has such nice hotels. I haven’t been to Mystic before, but if I do, I am staying there!

  13. Ok any hotel that has spa, fitness room, pool, starbucks and buffet – has my vote for sure!

  14. This looks so nice and relaxing!

  15. The Marriott is a great chain. I love that they have a Starbucks on location. Score!

  16. What a nice place to stay. I need a vacation.

  17. I love Mystic, and this hotel look beautiful!

  18. I’ve never been to Mystic- I’m guessing this is also where Mystic Pizza was based? Too cool!

  19. Ooooo Love that lobby! I wouldn’t mind spending some time by that pool either!

  20. great tour! I would love to go to that spa. It looks like a great place to stay

  21. That bed looks very comfy! I love hotels that have a nice chair to relax in instead of having to sit on the bed.

  22. The pool is big, pretty and looks clean. And the bed looks really comfy! Count me in. 🙂

  23. I am actually sitting in a hotel room right now. I wish I was in the pool at the Marriott instead!

  24. Looks like awonderful place. Lots of assets there.

  25. What a great hotel! There are so many amenities! I’d be all about the spa.

  26. I would absolutely love to go to Mystic. What a great place. I’d hop in the spa for sure.

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