Here are my 5 tips that take the pressure off of the Thanksgiving Meal


I have a chronic illness. I try my best to overcome it and not become it. This strategy works fine until Holidays hit. I really feel the pressure. Sometimes the pressure is so strong I opt out of the festivities all together. I don’t expect anyone to understand but what I can do is try to keep my holidays the most stress-free as possible.

Here are my 5 tips that take the pressure off of the Thanksgiving Meal

1. Buy someone a turkey fryer. I bought my husband a turkey fryer for Christmas one year. It was the best gift I (I mean HE) has received. Our you can use this option of grilling your turkey. Using the turkey fryer or grill clears up my stove for my next suggestion.

2. Make mash potatoes the day before and other sides and just heat up that day.

3. Hire a cleaning lady. Find the right one and it will be the smartest choice I ever have made. If you can afford it have her come before and after.

4. Let the details go. It is time to get real. Do you want a beautiful decorated house and a centerpiece or do you want your sanity?

5. Go out to eat. Eat at someone else’s house. You don’t have cook. It might be tradition but holding that tradition is not worth your health for days leading and following.

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What are your tips to making Holidays StressFree and Healthy for you?



  1. Many places have the option to order a complete holiday dinner! Check out your local grocery stores, caterers and bakeries. You get the turkey, all your sides and dessert and all you have to do is heat it up. Now THAT is a sanity saver.

  2. Order in. Seriously. We do this for major festivals/holidays. Not everyone likes outside food, but so what? They weren’t going to cook anyway, so they’ve lost the right to have an opinion. We supplement with some favourite dishes, but that isn’t strictly necessary.

    We’ve been doing the order in thing for at least the last five years. None of us are in any shape to do all the cooking that is traditionally required for a major festival. I’m chronically ill, my mother in law is, well, getting old. My sister in law has two very active boys and doesn’t get five minutes to breathe never mind cook a huge meal. There have been times when my mother in law has been able to hire a helper for the day so the helper can do the heavy work for cooking. But usually, it ends up being ordering in.

  3. Another great tip is to turn Thanksgiving into a Pot luck, after all it’s a holiday about everyone coming together right?! The year I had our youngest son we literally hosted Thanksgiving at our home ( as we do every year) and it was only 10 days after I had him. I had no idea how I was going to be able to do it all! Thankfully my husbands family stepped up to the plate and everyone decided to bring a dish to complete our Thanksgiving dinner – it was the best Thanksgiving thus far 🙂

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