5 Amazing things about Wisdomantics

5 Amazing things about Wisdomantics

Meet John Paul Norton. He is one of the 5 amazing people in my life. John Paul is a teen. He loves his horse Jocq and dog Ranger. He is a great older brother to Nolan. He is an active volunteer for disaster relief non-profit Activation ReACT. When wisdomantics reached out to us to see if he would be interested in writing a series of posts on their new app I was a bit apprehensive. John Paul is not a gamer kid but after he downloaded the game that combines fun, strategy, and memorization he was hooked. We will discuss my own views on the app soon. For now here is what John Paul has to say about the game that might just make him a gamer just like his brother, Nolan.

In full disclosure: John Paul was selected to be an ambassador of Wisdomantics.  He is delighted to learn and share info with you about this app over the summer.

Hi, I’m John Paul Norton. I am here to talk about Wisdomantics. Wisdomantics is a great game where the player guesses Bible verses and has to try to build King Solomons’s temple. I thought Wisdomantics was a really fun game. I really think this is a great game to play with family and friends. Here are 5 Amazing things about Wisdomantics:

  • 1. Wisdomantics has solo play mode. I recommend this for beginners. It is a very challenging but,fun game ,so the player is going to need a lot of practice. I am not much of a gamer, but this is a wonderful game.
  • 2. Wisdomantics has the ability to play with friends on Facebook and Apple Game Center. The player will need accounts to use both of those applications. But it is worth it all in the end to play with the player’s friends.
  • 3. Wisdomantics teaches Bible verses. If the player never learned verses, now would be a great time with this fun game. Wisdomantics is an excellent way to learn wisdom. My favorite verse in the game is Proverbs 17:27 “He who has knowledge spares his words,a man of understanding is of calm spirit.”
  • 4. Wisdomantics teaches strategy. In order to win, the player tries to collect tiles to build the temple. One tip is to trade blessing cards for tiles. I like strategic games, I think they are fun ways to keep your brain sharp.
  • 5. Wisdomantics has Pass n’ play mode. If the player has a group of less than four people you can play a game on one device. A great thing to do when you have spare time, like if the players are traveling in a long car ride.


I am still learning how to play this game.  More information to come and you can learn with me.  Soon, I will be playing with my friends through Facebook connect and game center.  I am excited to become the reigning champion of Wisdomantics


1.He is the co-creator of Lost. I never seen Lost wonder if my mom will let me. it’s about people who survive a plane crash on a island I like shows where people have to survive.

2. J.J. Abrams is the director of Mission Impossible. That’s one of the best movies I’ve ever watched. If you’ve never watched it I suggest you should go watch it after your done reading.


3. He wrote his own book called S. Amazon says it is a best seller in mashup fiction.
Man I hope after I post this article my mom will make me read this.

4. His dad was in the television business. My family is the same thing just with law enforcement. I would like to make movie one day at least I’ll still try.

5. He did the screen-play for Armageddon. I didn’t like Armageddon. As much as Mission impossible. My favorite part is when they blow up the meteor


Things I Learned this Summer

I haven’t blogged in awhile.  I am exhausted and I think that is mainly because for the first time in a long time instead of writing about life, I am living.  This summer has been a learning experience. I have grown.  Here were 5 Amazing lessons from the summer of 2015.  Some of the lessons were heartbreaking but amazing because I have grown.  Even at 33 years old, I am not perfect and am still learning.

1.  Watching your kids grow up is hard.  Letting go is even harder. I have to slowly let go so it is easier when they are 18.  I do not want my kids relying on me forever even though I know people and the world can be a hard place. Sometimes, I have to push my kids out of the nest.  All I can do is pray that I am good enough of a parent to teach right from wrong and that I will always be here while on this earth and in heaven there after.  They can lean on each other.  That is the best part of being/having a sibling. 
2.  You will never fully know someone. Ever.  It’s awful when adults teach you this lessons.  I always seem to get taught this in multiple times in my life and it is hard.  Proceed with caution and grace. I have learned this summer that my family of 5 is all we have.  Friends are something to cherish. I see a lot of people live in a bubble behind their computer.  For the first time, I kind of understand why. I am supposed to protect my nest and teach my children to guard their heart.  I need to guard my heart too.  It is tough growing up. (Ohhhh wait already said that!)  

3.  I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  Except, a mom and a wife.  I don’t need to know tomorrow. I don’t have to stop dreaming today. My general doctor taught me this lesson when searching for overall health.  Just because I do not function like everyone else doesn’t mean there is nothing exciting ahead.  Dream. 

4.  Life doesn’t have to be extravagant to be beautiful.  You can find beauty inside people you never knew before.  You can find peace in nature. Just as you have to protect your heart you also need to learn to balance it on your sleeve.  Balance. It is so very hard.


(A Book is a Great Thing!) 

5.  Thinking out of the box.  Living out of the box. Being outside the box.  All good things to teach our children but also the box can make us really relatable.  Don’t be scared to jump in and out of the box.  Staying stationary is not good for to long in either place!  Don’t be scared to get low to get new perspective. Don’t be scared to hear people out and give them a chance even if things don’t work out in the end! Take leaps of faith and sometimes just sit back and watch people leap on their own.

What did you learn this summer? You are never to old to learn something new!

5 Amazing Things about the Best Product my Kids Have had to Review – NeckNapperz

I would love to introduce you to Necknapperz.  I am getting paid to inform you about this product but this is LEGIT my own story, thoughts and opinions.  To be fair to you, my readers, I wanted to disclose the compensation to you.  I hope you enjoy read about our Necknapperz experience. 

I love to travel. My kids got this from me. Necknapperz are the perfect travel item for kids, which make them ideal for any adventures you could ever plan.  I write about so many products on my blog.  I figured I would let my kids tell you why they loved this product so much. 

Nolan took a immediate liking to this product.  But really ALL OF MY KIDS LOVE NECKNAPPERZ!!! 

Here are 5 amazing things about Necknapperz. (According to Nolan)

1.  My sister can snuggle and play with our lion.  It is adorable to see.  She wants to take it everywhere.

2.  The whole stuffed animal is kind of like a transformer. It’s pretty cool it transforms from a loveable plush animal into an neck pillow wrap. I take it to musical practice and take naps whenever I can.  It is so comfy.

3.  They are made with ultra-soft fabrics with space-age micro-beads.



4. I have taken it everywhere for about a month and it is still holding up.  My mom says it is made with high quality craftsmanship.  

 5.  It comes in a varity of animals so almost anyone can find a Necknapperz neck pillow. I think I know what everyone is going to get from me for Christmas.  (I hope none of my family reads this post! Check them out on Facebook!)