5 Interesting Things about Mascara

Warning: Grammatical Errors May Be Found (I wrote this post when I was drunk. Just kidding I was never drunk. I just suck at spelling and hate proof reading. I love when my readers correct me in the comment section. It makes me a better writer!!!! for realz!)

5 Interesting Things about Mascara

If I had to pick a favorite type of makeup I would say that it is mascara. It is not like I wear mascara daily or even every week. I like a natural face……. but if I was hypothetically stranded on an island and could have one thing from my purse, that would probably be it! Seriously! I have horrible eyelashes but my husband has beautiful eyelashes and so do ALL of my kids. It makes a mom want to fit in, ya know? I am still looking for the “right” kind of mascara for me but in the search for that……. I have learned some interesting, gross, and amazing things about mascara. So let me share……

  • 1. The stuff has to come off. Are you too tired after a night out on the town to wash your face or remove your makeup? It has to come off. Evidently, leaving it on can make my eyes go bald. Evidently, when the mascara dries overnight, it can cause your lashes to fall out. Wtheckkkkk????? Yo! The ingredients can create stiff lashes which I might inadvertently itch in my sleep putting myself in danger of scratching my corneas and loosing lashes………Ok, so I can’t be lazy after a wild night clubbing in my 30’s! Got it! I don’t want bald eyes! I want lashes for days. Lesson #1
  • 2. You can moisturize your lashes! ……..Just like you can moisturize your face. Before bed, agawhen you are the most tired and all you want is to close your eyes, it is recommended by some to keep an old mascara brush dip it in olive oil and keep your lashes hydrated. Oil in your eyes suck so if you decide to do this, just be careful. Lavender is also suggested by some to be used on a brush and then applied to the eye.
  • 3. Apply mascara using a plastic spoon. For real this is not a joke. This is supposed to reduce smudging. You may look ridiculous doing this but according to my teen this isn’t a stretch for me. Applying your mascara in this way can actually help you avoid getting your eyelids to get mascara on them. I wonder if it will help curl my eyelashes too? Does anyone know the answer to this question? 

  • 4. So, evidently clear mascara has a purpose! Color me dumb! 🙂 Clear mascara coats lashes with clear mascara after an application to give a more polished and finished look. This will helps to seal the deal with your lashes, protect the mascara running, and if I have a mental breakdown and end up in tears it is supposed to make me not look like crazy psycho Taylor Swift.


  • 5. Mascara was invented by a man. Ummmmmm not sure what to say here. Does that surprise anyone? Eugéne Rimmel, a French perfumer and cosmetics inventor, created the first mascara in the 1830s. Talk about leaving a legacy. This mans last name, “rimmel”, translates to the word “mascara” in French, Portuguese, Romanian, Turkish, and Arabic.

     High Five Dude!!! Even if you are dead that is quite an accomplishment.


Some other things that are gross and not as amazing. Mascara expires every 3 months. Nasty Nasty fungus and bacterial things can happen in them too. If find this amazing read up. Evidently lots of people on the internet have a ton of things to say about gross mascara stuff that is NOT amazing.  

What kind of Mascara do y’all use?………. Because, I have an anxiety attack in the makeup isle. There has to be a moderate priced somewhat healthy bacteria free tube of lash friendly mascara out there for me. Is there moisturizing kind? I have so many questions about something so trivial. #firstworldproblems (but seriously if you know of an amazing brand tell me below)

5 amazing reasons to use Grapefruit Oil

If you haven’t heard yet I love essential oils. I have heard over and over again by my oily friends that Grapefruit Oil helps with…..

  • Hangovers
  • Weight loss
  • Sugar Cravings and more
  • But I wanted to share with you why I love them.

    Here is my disclosure! I am not a doctor nor do I want to be. I am just a human who has had some sickness issues and will do whatever I can to be a healthy wife, mom, and be able to function to the best of my ability. I share my sickness story with you here (The long Version-Sick part 1-5) and here. (The -kinda-Short Version of Elizabeth Norton) I only use young living oils. (Because of these reasons) I still see my doctor/doctors/nurses weekly. I am on a journey to health. Neuro doctor told me to try oils. This is my journey. I will forever be learning.

    Coffee addiction– I have heard over and over again that the grapefruit aroma is said to help curve drug and food cravings and uplift the system. On my journey to stop drinking coffee I start my day off diffusing grapefruit oil. It is only one of the tools I have been using to put down the coffee cup!

    Digestion– My stomach is paralyzed. I use grapefruit essential oil (I only use Young Living oils and here is why) to stimulate my digestive system by adding a drop to water in a glass mason jar.

    Energy– My cortisol levels are very low and I increase my energy levels by bringing grape fruit where ever I go and applying a drop over my chest. I haven’t found much to help my cortisol levels but this seems to give me a burst to get me through the next conference call or the next deadline.

    Time Zone Changes– I love to travel. Sometimes I travel for work. I use grapefruit oil to help my body adjust to the time zones when heading west. I recently used it to stay awake late and chat with family members while visiting California. I can mix it with a spray bottle full of water or rub it on my chest and behind my ears. If I have a glass water bottle with me I will drink 6oz with 2 drops.

    Deodorize a room– I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a baby in diapers. I am no longer a fan of candles because of recent studies of them being toxic. I no longer use aerosol spray freshened because of environmental guilt. Grapefruit oil is a safe way to help keep smells down and a room smelling fresh.

    I only use these kind of oils and here is why! No mater what I love my oils and every day am thankful that I have been introduced to them!

    My Oily Story and 5 Reasons Why I Only Choose Young Living

    After we found out that I had suffered a brain injury in 2007 I visited many doctors and was put on a bunch of meds. It was incredible that all of the doctors pointed at each other but no one really had any solutions to help ease my symptoms. With every prescription I had, I got side effects in addition to the symptoms I was already having. One neurologist suggested I try putting putting peppermint oil under my right nostril of my nose. It was expensive but I bought a small bottle. I don’t remember the brand. It helped keep me alert. It worked but I soon ran into stomach problems. (Probably intensified by the medicine I was put on)

    As my stomach over took my life, my whole house actually, I discovered peppermint can be used for other things too. Someone suggested I take a whole drink shot of peppermint oil to help. So I did. I tasted peppermint oil for days. It was gross. Even more gross was when I used up the rest of the bottle on my hands and my hands were shinny and greasy for hours afterwards. (I didn’t learn till later that the shinny residue meant It was not pure essential oils) #gross

    It took about 3 years after that experience for me to try oils again. When I say try……I mean I was very sick, losing my voice. I was speaking at that conference when a friend dumped Thieves down my throat at a convention center. I instantly felt thieves working and within minutes my throat felt like I had sprayed antiseptic on it. Her oil collection got me through that convention. I survived.

    It wasn’t to long after talking to her and reading her story, reading many books, and educating my self that I started on my young living journey. I signed up to be a distributor but really I signed up to save money. I really have NO desire to make a business out of it really. I just, straight up, love these oils. I have a lot going on with my business and with homeschooling traveling. I am not a doctor. I am just a sick person looking for relief and I have found some answers using essential oils. Many people ask why I use oils and specifically which ones.

    why young living oils

    Here are 5 reasons why I chose Young Living oils…….

    1. Young Living has a Seed to Seal guarantee. The quality is truly amazing. I learned what was in my first bottle of Peppermint that made my hands shinny. It was a carrier oil. Gross! It was not pure peppermint.

    2. After working in PR and researched other oil companies I realized that Young Livings value system aligned better with my own personal business morals.

    3. Young Living owns all of it’s own farms. All weeding is done by hand. Even all pest control is done with oils.

    4. Young Living supports the communities that their farms are in. The support education centers for children in their farm communities. This is important to me.

    5. There is an amazing community of Young Living users and doctors online that share their successes, advice, and warnings with me. The also have podcasts and meetings.

    I cook with these oils. I distill them into my air and breath them. I use some of them on my children. I use them on my pets. They have enhanced my life to unwritable measure. They helped my husband stop snoring! It has been a great oily journey that I am happy to be on.

    Announcing: The 25 Day Mom Confidence Challenge

    Do any of you remember the song Good Morning Beautiful? I do. I loved that song. What a wonderful thing to wake up to. Someone telling you in the days of motherhood you are beautiful.  Maybe you have someone in your life that tells you that.  Maybe you don’t.  Maybe on some days you may get lucky and hear those words.

    I firmly believe that everyone should be told daily that they are beautiful and start their day off right.  It is bathing suit season and confidence is dwindling for many.  I have put together the 25 Confidence Day Challenge. They will arrive in your inbox every morning at 7:00 am and the emails will start……Good Morning Beautiful. (because if you believe it, you are beautiful) Each email will include an encouraging quote and a challenge for you to raise your confidence as a mom. So, sign up below. The challenge will start July 5th.


    Good Morning Beautiful- 25 day Confidence challenge

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