1.He is the co-creator of Lost. I never seen Lost wonder if my mom will let me. it’s about people who survive a plane crash on a island I like shows where people have to survive.

2. J.J. Abrams is the director of Mission Impossible. That’s one of the best movies I’ve ever watched. If you’ve never watched it I suggest you should go watch it after your done reading.


3. He wrote his own book called S. Amazon says it is a best seller in mashup fiction.
Man I hope after I post this article my mom will make me read this.

4. His dad was in the television business. My family is the same thing just with law enforcement. I would like to make movie one day at least I’ll still try.

5. He did the screen-play for Armageddon. I didn’t like Armageddon. As much as Mission impossible. My favorite part is when they blow up the meteor


5 Amazing Things about Mutts Winter Diaries


This past week I was sent I book called “The Mutts Winter Diaries!”  Here 5 absolutely amazing things about this book that you must know.  Even though I was compensated for this post, All post content is my own thoughts ideas and opinions.
1.  It has been ages since I had read a comic book strip.  We no longer get the news paper so this was a great treat to figure out on a deeper level in a book, not just a comic strip, what Mutts was about, why it was funny, and get to know the characters better.

2.  It was a book the whole family could read and discuss.  If one of us didn’t get a joke someone else explained it.  It was great to have a morning talking about comics like I was use to on Sunday’s after the paper arrived.  Reading this book together was fantastic.   
3.  I don’t know about you but sometimes you just need to escape.  Escaping into a book is a great place to go.  Being amused and also not having to read a business book or a deep intricate storyline was a great way to escape life.

4.  If you love social good projects there a whole chapter in the book that is dedicated to helping animals during the winter.

5.  The characters are still quirky, talk funny, and are just enough balance between silly and weird.  It’s funny how I got older but Mutts hasn’t aged at all. 🙂

Book Freak Family: Bridge to Terabithia

This past summer I got out of my house and out from under the lights of a computer monitor. I got a job in retail selling fun and funky fashion to the vacationers of stone harbor. It was good. It was healthy. It was right near a book store. I think I might have caught a book reader virus but I am not sure so proceed reading with caution.

I did have my phone at work one day and was ordering from Amazon (3 cheers for Amazon Prime) school supplies for this coming school year. Under the suggestion of one of the smartest hippies I know (this means she is either super smart or I hardly know any real hippies you decide 😉) I ordered a book about a Bridge to Terabithia. I wasn’t really sure much about the book except I thought I had heard of it before, the suggested age was 8 for reading, and this smart hippie said she once read it and I should read it. So, I put it in my virtual shopping cart (gees I hope my boss doesn’t read my blog 😎) and checked out with a massive amount of curriculum for the following year and 2 books about a bridge. (One for me and one for my 8 year old)


Then the book arrived. Getting an Amazon Prime order in my house is like Christmas in my house 2 days after delivery. Now let me explain something about my kids. My older kid loves historical fiction and my younger kid voluntarily reads Magic Tree House and …….that’s about it. But not long after I started reading the treehouse and after I gave him the book (I think I was on page 8) he got hooked. He finished before I did.

The book confronts death but also the value of a sibling. It confronts the topics of bullies and the topic of imagination. It talks about misunderstood home life and the parental connection with a child. Over all yes it tools about a bridge. Mainly, it built a bridge between me and my 8 year old.

Eventually, we couldn’t keep the bridge to ourselves and invited my husband and my oldest to Teribithia. They finished it in one day flat. Before I knew it, we were huddled around the TV eating popcorn discussing the book, watching the movie, and renaming our camping Terabithia. (You will have to read why!)

If you are looking for a book the whole family can read……this is the one. If you are looking for an escape from reality to a land of wonder….. this one is for you. Sometimes, the best books aren’t about adult topics. Sometimes, the best escape is to a land where the young at heart play.

We “HIGH 5” this book!

Have you ever read “The Bridge to Terabithia”? The movie might be just as great? (We don’t agree on which is better the book or the movie!) What say you? Have you ever been to Terabithia?

P.s. Turns out that Hippie chick is pretty smart. Don’t ever under estimate a hippie!