Things I Learned this Summer

I haven’t blogged in awhile.  I am exhausted and I think that is mainly because for the first time in a long time instead of writing about life, I am living.  This summer has been a learning experience. I have grown.  Here were 5 Amazing lessons from the summer of 2015.  Some of the lessons were heartbreaking but amazing because I have grown.  Even at 33 years old, I am not perfect and am still learning.

1.  Watching your kids grow up is hard.  Letting go is even harder. I have to slowly let go so it is easier when they are 18.  I do not want my kids relying on me forever even though I know people and the world can be a hard place. Sometimes, I have to push my kids out of the nest.  All I can do is pray that I am good enough of a parent to teach right from wrong and that I will always be here while on this earth and in heaven there after.  They can lean on each other.  That is the best part of being/having a sibling. 
2.  You will never fully know someone. Ever.  It’s awful when adults teach you this lessons.  I always seem to get taught this in multiple times in my life and it is hard.  Proceed with caution and grace. I have learned this summer that my family of 5 is all we have.  Friends are something to cherish. I see a lot of people live in a bubble behind their computer.  For the first time, I kind of understand why. I am supposed to protect my nest and teach my children to guard their heart.  I need to guard my heart too.  It is tough growing up. (Ohhhh wait already said that!)  

3.  I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.  Except, a mom and a wife.  I don’t need to know tomorrow. I don’t have to stop dreaming today. My general doctor taught me this lesson when searching for overall health.  Just because I do not function like everyone else doesn’t mean there is nothing exciting ahead.  Dream. 

4.  Life doesn’t have to be extravagant to be beautiful.  You can find beauty inside people you never knew before.  You can find peace in nature. Just as you have to protect your heart you also need to learn to balance it on your sleeve.  Balance. It is so very hard.


(A Book is a Great Thing!) 

5.  Thinking out of the box.  Living out of the box. Being outside the box.  All good things to teach our children but also the box can make us really relatable.  Don’t be scared to jump in and out of the box.  Staying stationary is not good for to long in either place!  Don’t be scared to get low to get new perspective. Don’t be scared to hear people out and give them a chance even if things don’t work out in the end! Take leaps of faith and sometimes just sit back and watch people leap on their own.

What did you learn this summer? You are never to old to learn something new!

Fall Week: 5 more amazing things you should do for Fall

#6. Bean Bag Toss
Being outside (or inside) is a fun way to play a game called bean bag toss. You can use cardboard boxes as the bean bag catcher.

#7. Hike a Trail
Leaves are so beautiful this time of year. It’s well worth your time to go on a hiking trail. You can walk and talk about the different leaves falling in your area. You can even collect leaves and acorns and use them for crafts or decorations.

#8. Obstacle Course
Since the weather has cooled down it’s the perfect time to create an obstacle course outside or inside with the kids. Have them jump, climb, and crawl their way through an obstacle course you create for them.

#9. Pin the Leaf
This is a cute knock off game of pin the tail on the donkey. Draw a huge tree on a piece of paper or a chalkboard you have at home, and have the kids pin the leaves on the tree. This is a fun game in so many ways.

#10. Bob for Apples
Have you ever played bob for apples? You always see this game played on television, but never in real life. You can change the game up a little bit if your little ones don’t want to grab applies with their teeth. Only let them use one hand or they have to use foreign objects to try and get apple out of the bucket. Pure fall fun.
Don’t these activities sound like fun? Let me know what activities you would add to this list.

Fall Week: 5 amazing things you must do this Fall

Fall has finally hit and your kids are probably ready to have some fall fun. Well, don’t just sit there and stay indoors, there are so many things to be done this season for fun.

#1. Jumping in leaves
You can’t possibly leave out jumping in leaves off your list this fall. Have the kids help rake up leaves and then jump in a big pile of them. This will be a highlight of your fall season. The best part is that you can do this multiple times this year.

#2. Leaf Painting

This is something that every mom and child should do this fall. Grab some leaves outside and start painting. You can either paint on the leaves themselves, or use the leaves for painting on paper.

#3. Make Leaf Shaped Cookies
If you can find a cookie cutter shaped like a leaf, you can make leaf shaped cookies. You can paint and decorate the leaves based off of what you find in your backyard as well.

#4. Apple Picking
Apple picking is a tradition that you will need to start with your kids this fall. It’s well worth making a round trip to an apple farm to get your stock of apples. There are so many delicious treats you can make with apples.

#5. Pumpkin Farm
A favorite of fall is also visiting pumpkin farms. It’s so much fun to visit a pumpkin patch and enjoy the different sizes and colors of the pumpkins in your region.

5 Amazing Things about #EAEvents

I love going to all kinds of parties. I have always enjoyed social events and one of the things that is awesome about living in the digital age is that most of the events have an online component that can live online in pictures, words, and comments for hours even after the party has finished. Recently, Elements Associates held a party at Blogger Bash, a place for bloggers and brands to connect.


I have completely fallen in love with the Wubble Ball. It was one of the product stars of the #EAEvents Social Suite! It is one of the coolest new toys on shelves today. It looks and acts like a bubble but it truly is a ball. If you are looking for a fun toy to play outside, inside, at the beach, or at the park. The amazing Wubble Ball team showed all the attendees the bubble that plays like a ball. Now, available at Target! You must check it out!


If you know me, you know I love social good. #EAEvents is one of the few online networks that puts social good at the center of their business plans. I loved that a special guest appearance from Smokey the Bear! A Forest Prevention friend for over 70 years! Can you believe it? (I know – he ages well). Selfies with Smokey were the pictures to be had. 70 is an important age for Smokey. All bloggers celebrated with birthday cake. Don’t forget: ABC Always Be Careful with fire.

Have you heard of Washdrops and Auto Tex Pink. We are always learning on the go now that we homeschool and travel. Our car is ALWAYS a mess but with all the rain loss in California I have realized being green and water conservation is important. Washdrops, is an award-winning company that gives a GREEN way to clean off the travel crud with little water. Speaking of cars Auto Tex Pink Wiper Blades, which help support the fight against breast cancer a cause that is to close to all of us. Be green and make a statement for Eco good!

Have you heard of Joseph Nogucci. Their designs are always beautiful and innovative. I am not usually a jewelry person but with the Joseph Nogucci selection I can’t help but be excited. Hand-crafted jewelry, and leather wrap bracelets and interesting designs using a 3D printer leave nothing to be bored of. Get accessorized. You won’t be sorry!

CoverGirl is basically a house hold name. It was the first makeup I ever wore. I was delighted to see the at the #EAEvents social party. They provided manicures, pedicures and mini-makeovers! They also have some fantastic lip gloss options. It is very exciting for the make-up lover.

#EAEvents nailed it online and in real life! It was truly an Amazing event! High 5 #EAEvents team!