5 Amazing Things about Harrison Ford

Sup. So Hey, Nolan here. I think you should know these facts about Harrison Ford becauseĀ  he is awesome and he did some amazing things like flying a plane and he did fly a plane for an emergency. Here is some 5 Amazing Things about Harrison Ford.

  1. The first amazing thing could also be my opinion. He was in two of the greatest films ever, Star wars and Indiana Jones. Star wars is the best. Harrison Ford did Star Wars before he did Indiana Jones.





2. Harrison ford was a boy scout. He got the second highest rank. My brother was a boy scout. I was a lion cub.



3. He was in Cowboys and Aliens. He played a cattle man it must been cool to play that role. Ive bin with horses but not cows. Maybe i can watch Cowboys and Aliens.



4. He was in Air Force One . IĀ  just watched that it was one of the best movies I HAVE EVER SEEN!. We need a president like Harrison Ford. I think it was funny because he said that he flown planes and he really did fly planes.



5. It seem like hes a good guy in every movie. I just read the plot line for Patriot Games good guy in that. I think this guy should be President for real. In Blade Runner he was a cop. He was in Apocalypse Now as a colonel.













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