1.He is the co-creator of Lost. I never seen Lost wonder if my mom will let me. it’s about people who survive a plane crash on a island I like shows where people have to survive.

2. J.J. Abrams is the director of Mission Impossible. That’s one of the best movies I’ve ever watched. If you’ve never watched it I suggest you should go watch it after your done reading.


3. He wrote his own book called S. Amazon says it is a best seller in mashup fiction.
Man I hope after I post this article my mom will make me read this.

4. His dad was in the television business. My family is the same thing just with law enforcement. I would like to make movie one day at least I’ll still try.

5. He did the screen-play for Armageddon. I didn’t like Armageddon. As much as Mission impossible. My favorite part is when they blow up the meteor


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