5 Rules for Being Amazing


1. Exceed expectations, surprise yourself often and always be on a quest for learning.

2. Learn that love is never wasted, seek feedback, and be ethical.

3. Be real, stay centered, learn from failure and count mistakes as building blocks for a better tomorrow.

4. Inspire those that surround you, help others achieve their dreams, and be an encouragement.

5. Don’t just talk about what will happen, make it happen. Take the leap. Overcome fear and naysayers. Be the change in the world that you want to see.

5 amazing campfire tips for fire safety and a Twitter Party!

As you’re enjoying your campfire, remember these safety tips:

5 campfire tips for enjoying a fire and being safe!

  • Once you have a strong fire going, add larger pieces of dry wood to keep it burning steadily.
  • Keep your fire to a manageable size.
  • Make sure children and pets are supervised when near the fire and never leave your campfire unattended.
  • Extinguishing Your Campfire correctly.
  • 1. Allow the wood to burn completely to ash, if possible
  • 2. Pour lots of water on the fire, drown ALL embers, not just the red ones. REMEMBER: If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave!
  • 3. Pour until hissing sound stops
    Stir the campfire ashes and embers with a shovel.
  • 4. Scrape the sticks and logs to remove any embers.
  • 5. Stir and make sure everything is wet and they are cold to the touch
    If you do not have water, use dirt. Mix enough dirt or sand with the embers. Continue adding and stirring until all material is cool.

Remember: do NOT bury the fire as the fire will continue to smolder and could catch roots on fire that will eventually get to the surface and start a wildfire.

Smokey Bear is celebrating his 70th Birthday! We are throwing him a twitter party to help raise awareness about fire safety.

When: Wednesday from 2-3pm EST
Where: Twitter
Who: You!!!!! Use #SmokeyBDay hashtag

5 reasons to go to Adventure Pier

We recently had an amazing adventure on Adventure Pier in Wildwood, Nj. Each summer I plan on creating as many memories as I can in the 3 months that Mother Nature gives the Jersey Shore beautiful weather. I believe in awakening all of the senses and giving my children different experiences to make these memories happen. Adventure Pier, titled “the pier that rocks,” is the most southern Morey’s owned Pier in Wildwood. It is an EPIC experience that isn’t just rides but instead culture.
Here are the 5 Amazing musts that my family suggests!


Want to plunge of 105 feet and reach top speeds of 50 MPH on a wooden roller coaster? The Great White was always one of my favorites and now is for sure my sons ULTIMATE favorite. It isn’t your everyday roller coaster experience but neither is this pier so this coaster fits right in!

Want to be flung into the air at 75 MPH and see views of Wildwood like no other? I once was shot up in the air and saw a rainbow. It was amazing. It costs a little extra but it is an adventure for sure. Whenever else will you be like a rock in a sling shot? It truly is an adventure!

Must: Tony Luke’s
Call me a traditionalist but when I walk by a Tony Luke’s I cannot resist. Enjoy a Philly Famous Cheesesteak on the Adventure Pier as your tastebuds travel to the city of brotherly love while the ocean breeze is in your hair. Adventure Pier even has an adventure for your mouth.

Must: Visit The Art Box
Right at the beginning of Adventure Pier, recycled shipping units offer visitors a world full of artistic culture. What could be overlooked as simply stacked blocks, this part of the pier offers an experience and class not usually felt on the Wildwood boards. Handpicked regional artists create seaside as you watch for an inspiring look at all types of talent such as surf art, glass blowing, artisanal jewelry and more. I am so glad, as a mom, that my kids enjoyed this moment.

Must: School of Rock
Must: Let your kids dance and jam out to the tunes of the summer. Rock out like never before on the pier with live bands and the radio and make memories with music. You can check out the live music schedule right now here! The new stage is fierce and proves that Adventure Pier is the pier that rocks!

It’s time for an Adventure! Are you ready? Music and art browsing is free! Go on a different kind of boardwalk adventure!

5 Amazing Things about #EAEvents

I love going to all kinds of parties. I have always enjoyed social events and one of the things that is awesome about living in the digital age is that most of the events have an online component that can live online in pictures, words, and comments for hours even after the party has finished. Recently, Elements Associates held a party at Blogger Bash, a place for bloggers and brands to connect.


I have completely fallen in love with the Wubble Ball. It was one of the product stars of the #EAEvents Social Suite! It is one of the coolest new toys on shelves today. It looks and acts like a bubble but it truly is a ball. If you are looking for a fun toy to play outside, inside, at the beach, or at the park. The amazing Wubble Ball team showed all the attendees the bubble that plays like a ball. Now, available at Target! You must check it out!


If you know me, you know I love social good. #EAEvents is one of the few online networks that puts social good at the center of their business plans. I loved that a special guest appearance from Smokey the Bear! A Forest Prevention friend for over 70 years! Can you believe it? (I know – he ages well). Selfies with Smokey were the pictures to be had. 70 is an important age for Smokey. All bloggers celebrated with birthday cake. Don’t forget: ABC Always Be Careful with fire.

Have you heard of Washdrops and Auto Tex Pink. We are always learning on the go now that we homeschool and travel. Our car is ALWAYS a mess but with all the rain loss in California I have realized being green and water conservation is important. Washdrops, is an award-winning company that gives a GREEN way to clean off the travel crud with little water. Speaking of cars Auto Tex Pink Wiper Blades, which help support the fight against breast cancer a cause that is to close to all of us. Be green and make a statement for Eco good!

Have you heard of Joseph Nogucci. Their designs are always beautiful and innovative. I am not usually a jewelry person but with the Joseph Nogucci selection I can’t help but be excited. Hand-crafted jewelry, and leather wrap bracelets and interesting designs using a 3D printer leave nothing to be bored of. Get accessorized. You won’t be sorry!

CoverGirl is basically a house hold name. It was the first makeup I ever wore. I was delighted to see the at the #EAEvents social party. They provided manicures, pedicures and mini-makeovers! They also have some fantastic lip gloss options. It is very exciting for the make-up lover.

#EAEvents nailed it online and in real life! It was truly an Amazing event! High 5 #EAEvents team!