5 amazing reasons to use Grapefruit Oil

If you haven’t heard yet I love essential oils. I have heard over and over again by my oily friends that Grapefruit Oil helps with…..

  • Hangovers
  • Weight loss
  • Sugar Cravings and more
  • But I wanted to share with you why I love them.

    Here is my disclosure! I am not a doctor nor do I want to be. I am just a human who has had some sickness issues and will do whatever I can to be a healthy wife, mom, and be able to function to the best of my ability. I share my sickness story with you here (The long Version-Sick part 1-5) and here. (The -kinda-Short Version of Elizabeth Norton) I only use young living oils. (Because of these reasons) I still see my doctor/doctors/nurses weekly. I am on a journey to health. Neuro doctor told me to try oils. This is my journey. I will forever be learning.

    Coffee addiction- I have heard over and over again that the grapefruit aroma is said to help curve drug and food cravings and uplift the system. On my journey to stop drinking coffee I start my day off diffusing grapefruit oil. It is only one of the tools I have been using to put down the coffee cup!

    Digestion- My stomach is paralyzed. I use grapefruit essential oil (I only use Young Living oils and here is why) to stimulate my digestive system by adding a drop to water in a glass mason jar.

    Energy- My cortisol levels are very low and I increase my energy levels by bringing grape fruit where ever I go and applying a drop over my chest. I haven’t found much to help my cortisol levels but this seems to give me a burst to get me through the next conference call or the next deadline.

    Time Zone Changes- I love to travel. Sometimes I travel for work. I use grapefruit oil to help my body adjust to the time zones when heading west. I recently used it to stay awake late and chat with family members while visiting California. I can mix it with a spray bottle full of water or rub it on my chest and behind my ears. If I have a glass water bottle with me I will drink 6oz with 2 drops.

    Deodorize a room- I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and a baby in diapers. I am no longer a fan of candles because of recent studies of them being toxic. I no longer use aerosol spray freshened because of environmental guilt. Grapefruit oil is a safe way to help keep smells down and a room smelling fresh.

    I only use these kind of oils and here is why! No mater what I love my oils and every day am thankful that I have been introduced to them!

    The difference between Disneyland and Disney World!

    It is no secret online that the Norton family loves Disney! We are crazy Disney freaks! It is a good thing we don’t live closer. We might just park our camper in the parking lot and never leave. (It’s also a good thing we don’t have a camper because that would even make trips more frequent). We have been asked many different things about Disney. So I decided to answer the biggest question that we have been asked. What is the Difference between Disneyland and Disney World? We live on the East coast so most of my neighbors have never been to the west. Most of my West coast readers have never been to Disney World. I asked my readers to give me 5 questions. So, finally, here it is!

    What is the Difference Between DisneyLand and Disney World

    1. What is the difference? (Reader Annie)

    It is so hard to answer this question. (One of the reasons why it has taken forever to write this post) Besides the obvious difference of size (Disney World is bigger than Disneyland) Even though they were made by the same company and created by the same man, it is almost like comparing a grapefruit to a clementine. They are kind of alike but not really.

  • A. Disneyland is filled with history. You walk where Walt walked. The original concepts and designs are there. It is filled with charm. It is filled with love.

    Disney World has a more pretend and copied feel because some of Disney World was. I truly believe because of this it seems (to me) to be more magical. Your imagination is more peaked and you feel more like you are a kid being part of the story. I think the layout is different because they learned from Disneyland.

  • B. When I am at DisneyLand I feel as if my own personal dreams can be accomplished. When I am at Disney World I feel like if I wish hard enough I may be able to fly. So I feel that one is inspiring and one is more magical.
  • C.The cast members seem to be more on the same page in Disney World. I have gotten this feeling before and I am not sure why.
  • 20140715-014732-6452259.jpg

  • D. California Adventure has CarsLand. (Which is amazing!) Magic Kingdom has the Princess Headquarters which I can not WAIT to experience with my baby girl in a few months.
  • E. While Disney World is filled with more imagination and wonder in addition DisneyLand is also filled with charm and history. At some points, in my opinion, the charm and history can cloud the magic but the pixie dust is still there.
  • 2. If I go to Disneyland will I be disappointed after going to Disney World? (Reader Chrissie)

    Well, really it depends on why you are going. If you are looking to “fly” through vacation doing the fun rides, go on a safari and ten minutes later pretending you are in different countries, dress up as your favorite character, wear out your kids and never have a dull moment for a week straight you should go to Disney World.

    If you just want to wear mouse ears for a day or two, ride rides, see fireworks with your family, and hang by the pool for the rest of the time DisneyLand is where you should go.

    I don’t know about you, but buying park hopper tickets puts a lot of pressure on me to make sure I hit every park in Disney World. You can have a very relaxing vacation at Disney World. (I have done it) But, (in my opinion) DisneyLand is more relaxing from the gate.

    I think this all boils down to WHY you want to go, with who you want to go with (see exhibit D) and your budget.

    If my kids are older or you are bringing the inlaws, LA might be a great choice to visit in addition to 2 days in the park.

    If your kids are younger you might want to visit Disney World. So many things to explore and the baby centers are wonderful place to regroup. Read my how to handle Baby at Disney Post.

    3. Do you get paid to write about Disney? (Sarah)

    No. Disney does not compensate me to write about Disney. I do however take advantage of Disney discounts (some which are available to you and some of which are available to only media) If I ever get compensated for a post I ALWAYS disclose. I have become very awesome at visiting the park on a budget. We use Disney as a teaching tool. I have, however, once attended a press trip where transportation and stay was included a couple months back. In all post coverage I did disclosed at the top of my post. My readers, you, are very important to me. Just like Disney is!

    4. Is Soarin’ different? (From reader Paul)

    To be fair I know “Reader Paul”. He is my Dad. Thanks Dad for reading our blog. I know Soarin’ is your favorite ride.

    My answer is yes, kinda. Soarin’ is actually called “Soarin’ over California”! For those that do not know ……

    “Soarin’ Over California is an innovative attraction that provides guests with a truly “bird’s-eye” view of California. (And I’m not talking brussels sprouts, here!) Guests enter a large enclosed theater with a huge IMAX screen, then sit side-by-side on one of the three rows (10 seats per row) of long bench-like seats, with their legs dangling, and fasten their seat belts.”

    Since the ride is in California and you are riding in a ride about California it seems to have less hype in Disneyland. In fact the last time I rode this ride in California the wait was only 5 minutes long. Pretty amazing for being around 11 o’clock in the morning. It made me wonder what the wait time was in Florida. The ride itself is the same. The golf ball still almost hits you, your feet still almost touch the water and Tinkerbell still makes an appearance.

    It is rumored though that the ending of Soarin’ is going to change so to my Dad and anyone else who loves this ride hang tight. Your flight plans for soarin’ may change soon. Who knows! ;)

    5. Which is my favorite Disneyland or Disney World? (My son)

    He asks this right before bed time. It is the perfect stalling technique. I can’t choose! I talk about all of it and it just makes me want to go back.

    What is your favorite? Land or World? Weigh in on the comment section. Also let me know if you have any more questions? I could talk about Disney for hours!

    My Oily Story and 5 Reasons Why I Only Choose Young Living

    After we found out that I had suffered a brain injury in 2007 I visited many doctors and was put on a bunch of meds. It was incredible that all of the doctors pointed at each other but no one really had any solutions to help ease my symptoms. With every prescription I had, I got side effects in addition to the symptoms I was already having. One neurologist suggested I try putting putting peppermint oil under my right nostril of my nose. It was expensive but I bought a small bottle. I don’t remember the brand. It helped keep me alert. It worked but I soon ran into stomach problems. (Probably intensified by the medicine I was put on)

    As my stomach over took my life, my whole house actually, I discovered peppermint can be used for other things too. Someone suggested I take a whole drink shot of peppermint oil to help. So I did. I tasted peppermint oil for days. It was gross. Even more gross was when I used up the rest of the bottle on my hands and my hands were shinny and greasy for hours afterwards. (I didn’t learn till later that the shinny residue meant It was not pure essential oils) #gross

    It took about 3 years after that experience for me to try oils again. When I say try……I mean I was very sick, losing my voice. I was speaking at that conference when a friend dumped Thieves down my throat at a convention center. I instantly felt thieves working and within minutes my throat felt like I had sprayed antiseptic on it. Her oil collection got me through that convention. I survived.

    It wasn’t to long after talking to her and reading her story, reading many books, and educating my self that I started on my young living journey. I signed up to be a distributor but really I signed up to save money. I really have NO desire to make a business out of it really. I just, straight up, love these oils. I have a lot going on with my business and with homeschooling traveling. I am not a doctor. I am just a sick person looking for relief and I have found some answers using essential oils. Many people ask why I use oils and specifically which ones.

    why young living oils

    Here are 5 reasons why I chose Young Living oils…….

    1. Young Living has a Seed to Seal guarantee. The quality is truly amazing. I learned what was in my first bottle of Peppermint that made my hands shinny. It was a carrier oil. Gross! It was not pure peppermint.

    2. After working in PR and researched other oil companies I realized that Young Livings value system aligned better with my own personal business morals.

    3. Young Living owns all of it’s own farms. All weeding is done by hand. Even all pest control is done with oils.

    4. Young Living supports the communities that their farms are in. The support education centers for children in their farm communities. This is important to me.

    5. There is an amazing community of Young Living users and doctors online that share their successes, advice, and warnings with me. The also have podcasts and meetings.

    I cook with these oils. I distill them into my air and breath them. I use some of them on my children. I use them on my pets. They have enhanced my life to unwritable measure. They helped my husband stop snoring! It has been a great oily journey that I am happy to be on.

    The not so short version about me…..

    Hi! I’m Elizabeth, and with my husband, 2 sons, and a daughter, we make up 5 AMAZING Things.

    First comes love, then comes marriage….

    My husband and I were very young when we got married. I was 20, he was 21. We were just youngins. He worked in law enforcement and I worked full time at a bank. There was some wedding drama but we made it through. We were young but we were deeply in love. We were married in June of 2002. Our first home was a studio/garage/2 burner no oven and 1 cabinet apartment. The place was small. Worst of all, we shared our tiny space with some strange morphed bugs. Instead of regular doors it had accordion folding dividers but it was all ours. We were so happy.

    Then comes baby in a baby carriage….

    SURPRISE! about 2 months into our marriage we learned we were going to have a baby. A BABY!!!! Obviously, we knew how this happened but we kept asking ourselves. “How did this happen?!” After we recovered from the shock and embraced our growing family, we moved into a more suitable apartment that is truly more appropriately called a cottage. My parents were our landlords, and we had a great living arrangement. In fact, my son’s first bedroom was what use to be my own bedroom when I was a little girl. (Sentimentally blessed, I say.) Shortly after we moved into the cottage, the pregnancy brought some hardship. I think I spent just as much time in the hospital as I did at home that 9 months. As soon as our oldest son was born we were sent to the NICU. That whole year was in and out of surgery. It was probably “close” to the hardest year of our lives.

    Ready to start our life, we eventually bought that cottage and a second (bigger) dwelling on that property from my parents. I think it is safe to say we bought a fixer upper, were landlords, and in way over our heads with a sick baby. We were 22 at the time. After moving into the bigger house and renting out the cottage we knew it might have been the right house for the families before us ( my parents and me grand parents ) but we were clueless. The stress of things breaking was unbearable, and it was either sell the house or kill each other. We opted for option #1 and with sentimental tears in my eyes we sold the house that I grew up in and the cottage that held such dear memories too. Prayer warriors at home helped us through. Finally, at age 1, we had a healthy son.

    In sickness and in health….

    We moved into a rental house in the middle of November. The house was close to everything. It housed some of the best memories in our life. Santa visited every Christmas Eve and the 3 of us grew closer than we ever had before. We were blessed with the ability to become foster parents, with the hopes of adopting. I had no desire to ever get pregnant again. For awhile our house was a revolving door, taking children younger than our son into our home and our hearts. Each child taught us a different lesson. It was some of the most blessed moments we had as a family, and every time a child left we were thankful that we had the three of us. We found a piece of land for sale and jumped at the chance to have a little farm. I grew up riding horses and had big dreams. We quickly set plans in action and decided we were going to build our dream home.

    Life continued, and although people warned us about the stress of building a home, we handled it pretty well. Maybe we were distracted with all the joy in our house. Then it happened. After one very hard foster child goodbye we decided it would be “ok” if we just happen to get pregnant. (Not so surprised) I got pregnant, and just like the first pregnancy I was sick again. I was blessed to have a visiting nurse this time.. It was rough but in Feb of 2007 we gave birth to a w Healthy! We are so thankful we took that chance, overcame that fear, and had another baby. We ended up with a great addition to our family.

    One month later we moved into our 1 story home, a little tighter now with our newest, originally unplanned addition. I loved the quiet. I loved the clean white walls and new furniture. It was MY house.

    10 months later I started getting sick, and this is when we approached the hardest years of our life. We knew no neighbors. With my sickness I had to stop the successful business I worked so hard to build. The lose of income,the increase of diapers, formula, and a mortgage were overwhelming. More than overwhelming was my declining health that was getting worse by the week.

    It was around this time when I found my online community. I didn’t know any of my neighbors. I didn’t understand what was going on with my health. We were scared. I don’t think anyone NOT living in this house could have a clue what we were dealing with. It wasn’t just me. My illness was affecting all of us. . Illnesses are a family affair.

    Overtime, diagnoses were revealed, misdiagnoses were proven false, doctors were switched, tests were administered, and slowly we started getting some answers. I realized we reached a low point in our life. This was the hardest and scariest year of our marriage. Overtime my health started getting better. Our financial situation, (thanks to blogging) started getting better and my husband and I finally had enough energy to set priorities straight. We took control of my health as best as we could, started realizing what we could and couldn’t do, and finally by 2010 I felt like an adult, and even more importantly, like my husband and I were getting in sync again. I found in those moments the value of having an online family. My husband started embracing my career, encouraging me to work social media magic for numerous companies, and life was pretty great!

    And now we’re pushing another baby carriage….


    Imagine my surprise when in 2013 we welcomed a baby girl into our lives with a trouble free pregnancy. I know from those moments that miracles can happen. She is proof of hopeful existence. I may relapse in my health but I will continue to put as much as I can without getting sick into everything I do. That means at home, as a wife, a mother, and as a blogger and an online community leader I aim for 100%. I will eat what I need to eat, listen to who I need to listen to, and be the best me I can be. . It is a journey. Many days feel like survival.

    Through it all I love being a mom. Living out in the country is hard work but we wouldn’t change it for anything. I’m a country girl at heart. Occasionally, you will see me walking the red carpet, meeting celebrities, or on a crazy adventure. I love adventure—thanks Dad— but my favorite place to be is home with my husband and having movie nights with my kids. I feel safe. It is where I ultimately belong.

    Life is so precious. My mom use to tell me, “We only know today, we don’t know tomorrow.” I may relapse in sickness or I may not. Life is uncertain for all of us. Do we really know what tomorrow will bring? All I can say is right now, in this moment I know that I am one of the luckiest girls in the world. I am not sure of much—but this I do know is certain, there are 5 AMAZING things filling our house with love and laughter.

    ————-The business side of me———
    I own 3 sites and have so many people, including my husband, helping me daily. We hope each of our sites inspire you in any obstacles you may have. Whether it is a homeschool problem, a desire to know how to get started blogging, a travel question, or just a place to come and know that you aren’t alone in this world…..that is why we are here! Please feel free to email me (info at ElizabethNorton dot com) anytime with any questions or comments.

    I love to hear from my readers and help them along the way, to give a virtual high five and watch them grow as life takes us on this wild ride. My hope for you is that you embrace every twist and turn and know (virtually) I am here for you.