5 Amazing things about my New Nikon D3300

I received this product for free but I really love my camera….so I decided to write about it!

Anyone that knows me- knows I am a Digital Mom. I constantly have a phone in my hand taking pictures and posting to Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. Sharing moments that I am enjoying and sharing my life with my long distant friends and family is important to me. Here are 5 amazing things about my camera! Did I mention I love it?


1. It connects directly with my iPhone. Live. On the Spot. It uses an app and I can see in an instant what was just captured on my Nikon directly on my Iphone. I attach the optional WU-1a Wireless Adapter to my camera and am good to go.

2. The D3300 lets you shoot at high speeds up to 5 frames per second, shoot in low light with high ISO sensitivity, create high-resolution panoramas and much more.


Mr. Nikon guy helping me figure this camera out

2. It has a better megapixel number than my latest iPhone. Those grainy vacation pictures have got to go!!! I can finally make canvas wall decorations and share them in an instant. I don’t have to choose.

4. I can create 1080p Full HD videos with it. The video is legit. You will see more on that soon. The kids are going to have so much fun with this!


5. My iPhone can actually work as a remote! My iPhone shows me what the camera sees and fires the shutter with a touch on my phone, perfect for self-portraits and group photos that actually include you. Family portraits just got so much easier!!!!!


The last picture a friend captured for me with this camera! That is how easy it is. It creates BEAUTIFUL pictures of BEAUTIFUL memories that anyone can share in an instant!

5 Steps to a True #DisneySide Healthy Snack

Do you like Mickey’s Bow Tie? I was flipping through Pinterest and saw an image similar to this. I could not find a tutorial anywhere. So, I was inspired and then had to share with you. They were a crowd favorite. You can serve these Disney inspired snack at any party and it is extra awesome that they are healthy Disney snacks too.


Purchase these ingredients:

  • toothpicks
  • blueberries
  • strawberries
  • Dipping Chocolate(optional)
  • 20140325-015423.jpg

    1. My berries were huge. Since I was planning for little kids I decided to cut these strawberries in half. It was an extra step but in the long run it saved money for portion control.


    2. Get toothpicks. Start to assemble.

    3. Place 1/2 of your strawberry to the end of the tooth pick bottom of strawberry side facing inwards.


    4. Place blueberry in center of toothpick.

    5. Place another 1/2 strawberry on opposite end of toothpick. Use bottom side down towards inside!


    5 reasons why You Should Take a Your 1 Year Old to Disney World


    I know. You think I’m crazy, wanting to take my 1 year old to Disney World. It’s big. It’s crazy, kind of. I shared how Disney makes it so easy to travel with a baby last week. It is a crazy sort of magical fun. There’s so much going on. That’s exactly why I love taking her to Disney World. There is so much to learn and explore, so many memories to be made. Don’t believe me? Check out these great reasons I take my toddler to Disney World.


    Disney World is full of sensory and color learning. This is the perfect environment to teach your little one with play and entertainment.
    • Puppetry
    • Black lights and actors in black create a special effects look.
    • The Little Mermaid show with it’s neon puppets is the perfect place to explore colors with your little princess/ prince!
    • Point out the colors of the characters. Tigger is a great example of the color orange !
    • Feel and describe the textures of the rides and character’s outfits.
    • Explore colors in the gift shop.
    • Explore the petting zoo and textures of the animals’ fur/hair
    Learn musical repetition, recognition, and imitation at Disney World
    • Music everywhere
    • Practice clapping to the music
    • Sing together
    • Take a walk down Main Street, clapping and dancing to the music
    • Follow up a show with a show themed ride and here the same music again. Point out that that music is the same both places and sing along.
    • Visit the Country Bear Jamboree and have a fun time singing and clapping with the bears.
    It’s Disney! Get up and exercise! With all the walking, dancing, and play time there is no end to the exercise you and your child can enjoy at Disney.
    • Dance with the characters
    • Chase the water sprinklers as they spout up from the ground.
    • Climb the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse (Count those stairs as you go!)
    • Run off some energy, jump and climb in resort playgrounds.
    • Take part in @RunDisney! They even have a Diaper Dash Available to take part in!


    You can build character awareness and association at Disney World. Make reading and story time interesting. This is a great way to get them interested in books and fiction. As your toddle learns to recognize the characters she see in story books you can continue the fun at home through reading and imagination.
    • Hunt for the characters throughout the park.
    • Take your child to a story time at Disney World or read a story to them then go find the character.
    • Watch a Disney movie and remind them of the character you saw at Disney World.
    • Explore the gift shop for characters.
    • Point out characters on signs and rides as you stroll through the park. Read to them at bed time about the adventures of the characters they saw through the day.
    Where a parent can be a kid – Disney World is the perfect place for parents to shut off technology and enjoy being kids with their kids.
    • Create memories.
    • Laugh and enjoy some time together
    • Take lots of pictures WITH your child, not OF your child using the Memory Maker option.
    • Show your little one your favorite characters and tell them why you love them. I have found that my kids watch for how I react to the characters. Character Breakfasts are a great way to enjoy a meal at the park with your little one.

    • 20140318-171743.jpg

    Our Disney Video

    What did you think?

    5 ways to survive AND enjoy Disney with a baby


    You want to take your family to Disney World but you have a baby. Does the thought of Disney World with a baby sound impossible or stressful? Disney World is possible, even with a baby in tow. On my recent trip to Disney World I found 5 ways to survive AND enjoy Disney with a baby. My daughter and I were able to create great memories, and even though she may be too little to remember them all, I was able to enjoy it and get millions of pictures. I can’t wait to show her what fun she and I shared as she grows a little bigger.


    • Baby equipment. Leave the big stuff home. Don’t worry about hauling the pack’n play, high chair, or stroller. Pack’n Plays are in every room, high chairs can be requested, and strollers can be rented. Renting a stroller can be worth every penny.
    • Baby Items: The Baby Center – Don’t worry about whether you packed enough formula and diapers. You can buy them here. Don’t panic if you forgot the sunscreen. The Baby Center has you covered for all those needs.
    • Nap time: Envisioning a screaming over-tired baby? That’s enough to give any parent nightmares! Disney hotels and resorts are close by the park, making it easier to take tired babies back for nap time. If you stay in a Disney resort you also have extended park hour>, giving you more time to play and still not miss out on that important nap time.
    • Diaper Changes and bathroom breaks - Besides the baby center, Disney has many bathrooms that are kept very clean and some have changing stations so you aren’t stuck hunting for a place to change baby’s diaper.
    • Cost - Worried about paying to take baby into the park even if he/she can’t ride the rides, enjoy the trip, or make “memories that last a lifetime”? Kids 3 and under are FREE. There are plenty of things you can do with them, and you can get lots of pictures to show them your adventure together.

    Don’t miss the chance of a lifetime because you are worried about doing Disney with a baby. Book that trip and feel secure now that you know these tips for how to survive AND enjoy Disney with a baby.

    5 Pieces of Unsolicited Puppy Owner Wisdom

    Dear New Puppy Owners,

    A letter from me to you. I see you on Facebook, showing off your new four-legged friends. They are so cute, and I just want to talk puppy talk to them and scratch their little floppy ears. But I can’t. I feel an obligation to you. I don’t want to ruin your bliss but I feel that as a “true” Facebook friend I have to warn you. Here are 5 pieces of unsolicited puppy owner wisdom. Wisdom you probably don’t want to hear, but I am going to tell you anyway.

    I once was you. I had Instagram pictures and Facebook posts that said “Our family has grown by four feet….or should I say paws!” We were all happy, and life was amazing. It continued. We house broke our little pup in a few short weeks, (for the most part) but that isn’t the hard part ya know.


    1. Be prepared to have a thief in the house. That unattended sandwich you set down so you could answer that phone call? It will be gone in one gulp. Be on alert at all times. I can’t stress this enough – at all times.

    2. Your vacuum, or maybe your favorite pair of shoes, or maybe it’s the trash – they will become the best form of entertainment when you are not home. It will happen. An item will inevitably need to be replaced. (See above! I will miss you “Dirt Devil” Vacuum! May it RIP-The electrical will never be the same.)


    3. Those pups – They are so cute, but not really when they escape for a frolic in the front yard and have no concept of their name yet. “Hey you…Hey ‘insert real name here’…Hey dog…COME HERE” just doesn’t seem to be in their vocabulary. Be patient. Pray that one day this friend of yours will one day ask itself, “Is she talking to me???????”

    4. Then there are the times when you think she/he is grown up. You will think “We got this!” And then -BAM- you realize you aren’t the perfect puppy parent. The trash might be all over the house, or your sandwich might go missing AGAIN. Don’t call the police and be on the look out…..”paws down” it is probably in the k-9′s belly. You aren’t a failure. Your dog makes mistakes too. Hey, he/she is only human….but wait he is really not……but we pretend most of the time so grace is needed now too.


    5. The puppy stages are over. I get it. You are somewhere straddling love and straight up insanity. “What was I thinking?” But the golden days are just ahead. Keep on at it. You can do this, and soon enough your dog will be the best friend you never knew you were missing your entire life.

    How to Make Mickey Mouse Crackers in 5 Easy Steps

    I recently hosted a Disney themed party. My kids (and yes even me) are great fans of Mickey Mouse. We aren’t afraid to show our Disney Side! We looked high and low for Disney snacks. As soon as I got cookie cutters, I knew the sky was the limit. My one year old loved teething on these. My 10 year old could not have enough. We found a winner. We hope you like this Disney inspired snack!


    1. Purchase Flour Tortillas. I used the small size and could get 3 crackers per shell.


    2. Use a Mikey Mouse cookie cutter to shape the crackers.


    3. Spray butter or spread to reach a golden appearance.


    4. Preheat Over to 350 degrees. After oven has reached desired temperature bake for 2-4 minutes until crispy.


    5. Add your favorite dipping sauce, hummus, or eat plain. Enjoy!

    5 unconventional ways to create memories at Disney

    Do you dream of taking your family to Disney World? Do you secretly (or not so secretly) want to meet the princesses or Mickey, Pluto or Tinkerbell? You can do this and so much more as you create magical memories in the place “where dreams come true”. Along with the traditional memories that Disney has to offer, here are 5 unconventional ways to create memories at Disney.

    • First haircut at Disney – Did you know your child can get their first hair cut at Disney? Tucked away in this magical place is Harmony Barber Shop. A shop that still has the old store front and striped pole out front. Your child will receive Mickey Ears and a “First Hair Cut” certificate. You receive a lock of hair for their memory book. If your family is starting out maybe you can make it a special tradition for all your kids.
    • “Find Mickey Mouse” – Take some down time and explore your hotel with family challenge to find as many hidden Mickey’s in your hotel as possible.
    • Holiday parties – Check out Disney’s Park when it’s decked out for the holidays with night time holiday parties and characters in holiday costumes. Get a special character photo on your favorite holiday and see the new sort of magic Disney holds after the sun disappears.
    • Non-traditional snapshots – Get a photo with the characters but mimic the character’s stance – pose like a princess or get silly with Pluto. Laugh, giggle, and make it fun. Those memories frozen in time, will be priceless.
    • Take a moment and climb the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. When you get to the top, take a family moment and enjoy the castle at eye level. The gorgeous view is well worth the hike.

    No matter what you do at Disney World, make sure you slow down and enjoy every moment you have. After all, the magic can only unfold when you take time to enjoy it. I hope these 5 unconventional ways to create memories at Disney give you something new to discover.

    5 quotes I live by





    (all graphics (image designs) were designed by me except the last one…. If you know who I should attribute please let me know!)

    What is your favorite quote?

    How to make “Under the Sea” styled cookies in 5 easy steps

    We love showing off our Disney Side. Recently, we threw a Little Mermaid Party for my 1 year old. It was such a great day. We found these cookies on Pinterest but just a picture with no tutorial so my mom and my sister came up with their own. They were a crowd favorite. Here is how you make “Little Mermaid” cookies for a Little Mermaid Birthday!


    1. Find a simple recipe for butter dough.

    2. Use a cookie press to make the outer shells. We have ours from Pampered Chef but you can get yours from anywhere.

    3. Sprinkle with colored jimmies just to give a pretty appearance and bake.

    4. Wait for cookies to cool and Easily ice the under side of each cookie with pink icing.


    5. Place a dollop of white icing to form a pearl shape or use yogurt covered raisins in the cookies.


    I work with