5 Nuggets of Advice for New Bloggers/Vloggers

When possible work with bloggers you like not against them. Lift each other up. Network on and offline!

Respond to other people’s videos and create a dialogue on YouTube

Think of branding outside of online. Be known for a specific trait or quirkiness.

Be real. Every once in a while show “you” so people get the “behind the scenes” story and feeling. Let your subscribers in on details that will make the fall in love with you.

Be fun or constructive. Don’t just talk, listen. Don’t hold on to one emotion for to long. Entertain/inform! Be open to criticism and encourage constructive dialogue. Be where ever the conversation is! (I.e. Reddit, Twitter, Facebook)

5 of our Favorite Sarcastic “Happy” Memes #HappythePup







5 Amazing Things about Little Luna: Big Talent

I was compensated for this review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Little Luna – Big Talent is an educational, musical, and captivating app. It is everything I ask an app to be when downloading it for my children to keep them occupied. While I am usually not a fan of burping, farting, and preteen humor I was surprised that I was indeed a fan of this app Little Luna – Big Talent. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Luna, a bombardier beetle (which is a species of beetle most notable for a defense mechanism that gives them their name: when disturbed, they eject a hot noxious chemical spray from the tip of their abdomen, with a popping sound) features a special talent… tooting. True to it’s species the game explores cute mini rhythmic games, virtual gardening activities and more.


2. Little Luna – Big Talent is created by Bastei Luebbe. It is a great app with for any child in the 4 to 8-year-old range. This gives a great Segway for parents to discuss manors and science in one shot. Tooting is presented very tastefully and with a focus on fun and a desire to create giggles.

3. At the beginning players learn about the bombardier beetle and their talent for tooting in a mellow way. Players are asked to help Luna find the other members of her family; it’s time for band practice. They explore and and are on a search to round up the family. With lots of activities in every room this takes a significant amount of time and keep the occupied.

4. Luna’s brothers have their own version of band practice that involves, tooting but really calls for hand eye coordination. The child must tap along with the colored notes to create the “music.” Having a musical background I know music can begin with any age. Little Luna-Big Talent provide a way to get rhythm down.

5. Luna also actual creates a challenge to keep still and balanced as luna practices yoga with her mom. This is fun to see an app get the child physically involved in using their muscles. I give major props to give Luna creators in finding this fun way to integrate them both.

The end of the game is achieved when all of the family members have been found. Luna heads to the basement to check out the band practice. Here players can tap on animations to make things move, make music, and great visual effects.

Little Luna – Big Talent is availabe for download via the iTunes App Store – iOS Unversal


5 Amazing Things About Adopt US Kids

During the holidays it’s so easy to get caught up in the, shall we say, more materialistic side of things. Rushing around looking for the perfect gifts, getting annoyed by traffic and lines and getting very stressed out trying to create the perfect everything. I invite you to take a moment to step back and think about those who may not be so fortunate. My mind goes to the children in the US who are patiently waiting to find their forever family.
Adopt US Kids has recently released brand new PSA’s to encourage the adoption of children from foster care with an emphasis on the importance of keeping siblings together. If you’re not familiar with Adopt US Kids, let me introduce you via 5 Facts About Adopt US Kids:


1. Since the launch of the campaign in 2004, more than 22,000 children who were once photo-listed on the AdoptUSKids website are now with their adoptive families.

2. Over 35,000 families have registered to adopt through AdoptUSKids.

3. There are currently 402,000 children in the foster care system in the United States.

4. Nearly 102,000 children (under 18 years of age) are waiting for adoption.

5. Approximately 23% of children and youth actively photolisted on the AdoptUSKids website and waiting for placement in adoptive homes were registered with one or more siblings.
With these sobering statistics in mind, I invite you to view the PSA’s and if you know of anyone looking to adopt, please let them know about www.AdoptUSKids.org and to visit the campaign’s communities on Facebook and Twitter.