5 Ways to make the world a better place online and your Mind Quiet and Healthy

In today’s world of online living there is always a conversation going.  Conversations can quickly escalate and emotions can run high.  I think, just like in real life, we can chose to be part of the problem or chose to be a solution to the noise.  Many people are lonely and many great things can happen by just reaching out and letting people you know love them via the internet. Here are 5 simple  ways to make the world a better place online.  Be Thoughtful this Thursday and make a difference online. 


1. Tweet or Facebook message a genuine compliment to three people right now.

2.  Compliment a parent on how well-behaved their child is.  Every mom/dad could hear they are doing a good job every once in a while! 

3. Don’t write the angry internet comment you’re thinking of writing, Evaluate or even walk away!

4. When everyone around you is complaining about politics or current events about something, be the one to butt in with something nice or when all else fails…..kittens. 

5. Challenge: Don’t use your phone for a full 24 hours for social media.  Be there for the moments for a full day. Take a break.  I love social media but I find deep value in being unplugged. 

Next Thursday I will share more Challenges on how you can help someone, even yourself, just by being behind a computer in just a few minutes a day. Be the change you want to see in this world! (Online and Offline) 

Happy Thursday! 

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5 ways to Sharpen Math Skills with the Mouse

Math with the Mouse: The Magical way to Learn at Disney Parks

We love Disney.  My whole family from old to young can come together and explore all the magic together.  We find Disney to be a wonderful investment into memories that will last a lifetime.  We are a homeschool family and also believe learning and adventure are around every corney.  Disney World and DisneyLand is no exception. 

Being a homeschool mom, I am always on an adventure of my own to create awesome learning opportunities. Disney makes this so easy.  I love teaching my kids when they have no idea that they are learning. Here are 5 fantastic ways to  your kids can sharpen their math skills.

Time: It’s time to get old school. By watches for your kiddos and learn how to tell time at Disney.  Use your watches to track Fast-Pass times, Meet up and Check point times, and dinner reservations. Figure out when we can get your next fast pass!  Find out how many hours are till dinner.

Manage Money:  Gift Cards are my favorite form of money management and spending responsibilities.  We often fill up a gift card and set each kid up with a budget and ask they stick to it. Keeping a mental balance in your head is hard while passing plenty of stops, stores, or refreshments requires self control and mental addition/subtraction.  This is how we have chosen to teach our kids the concept of credit cards. My kids are enthused to get spending money which we would usually be budgeting into our vacation anyway. 

Sharpen your Math Memory: Waiting in a line to see a character in Disney or to ride a crazy roller coaster.  Use this flash card app on your phone, bring your own flash cards, or just use your own memory for the ultimate in line “math contest”. Answer the most questions and see that everyone comes out a winner with the game. Time flies while waiting in line and you having fun trying to ask you opponent the  hardest questions! (I will suggest the trick to this is always providing new flash cards or having the app download something new to heighten the experience and not have it “Be Like School”!  We do this in the long lines on occasion and not on every ride. We still want to enjoy our vacation) 

Finding an average: You can pull averages by various Disney data on your web.  My favorites sites are here and here. I find that finding averages could make this a fitness opportunity. Buy step counters, At the end of the day calculate daily averages of steps per hour that day. Also, add you steps together as a family and find the average steps between everyone for that day. Record your information and make graphs to record your data in your memory books. 

Counting by 2, 3, 6, 5, 10 and 12s: Practice skip counting as much as you can see who can go the highest.  My kids sadly beat me in this game.  It has usually been awhile since I have counted by the dozen. I get pretty rusty but my kids keep me sharp and it is good for the confidence booster for my kiddos. We all know everyone can constantly be on a mission to make our math skills sharp, even in my old age of “barely 30!” 

Math is a hard subject to teach.  There are so many ways we could teach our kids math but letting my kids explore Math on their own in the magical world of Disney makes math fun and less of a chore.  As long as everything is in moderation, (fun, learning, and making memories) you can sharpen your math skills with the mouse and also make memories that are fantastic and last forever.

5 Reason Why Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Great for All Ages: Young and Old

I often get asked “Which Disney Park Do I Like the Best? Which one should I go to, I only have one day!” These questions are hard to answer but I LOVE BEING asked them. I love talking about the Mouse!

Disney Word in Orlando, Florida is a fantastic place filled with theme parks and amazing opportunities to create family memories and have lots of family fun. It is so hard to chose which park is the best, which ones are worth scheduling the most time for, and making sure you hit all the must stops. I am writing this to hopefully help you make your decision easier.

Animal Kingdom Resort is an amazing place where, in true Disney style, everyone somehow feels the same age. It is my 2nd overall favorite park but #1 suggestion on THE park to go to together, as a family. Although the span of my family reaches over 50 years to 2 years of age in difference, I love how Disney’s Animal Kingdom can make an experience for ALL. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, 7 people have something to do for everyone under the sun. For the babies, parents, and grandparents: Disney has something for the roller coaster rider, the learner, the nature conservative, the musician, and even those in a wheel chair. Here are 5 amazing reasons why I think Disney’s Animal
Kingdom is a park for the whole family.


1. They have musicals and dramatic shows for the non walker but they are also captivating enough for the toddler. We enjoyed watching the Lion King Show, which has been open for years, though the younger kids that are seeing it for the first time. (Go Warthog Section!)


2. The “Kilimanjaro Safaris” ride was made for all ages. All ages can find enjoyment of seeing exotic animals and a bumpy ride. Almost every age can go on this ride. Hold onto your lap child tightly and expect a ride that sways back and forth and where you can feel wind through your hair. Take a train to learn more about other animals at Rafikis Planet Watch.

 3. They have one of the most wildest, crazy roller coasters for those in between ages that love to ride the wild rides. The “Dinosaur” ride is a bumpy one but for any above 40 inches that love adventure. There is an opportunity to discus dinosaurs, types, artifacts, and possibly teeth in the Dinoland USA section of Animal Kingdom. 

 4. Diverse food carts from the different countries to pizza, everyone can find something to eat. Family can gather around rice or pizza. Even your mouth can have an adventure. 

 5. Micky and Minnie are still there. They usually have shorter lines for a meet and greet. It is possible for the whole family to stay in line and experience characters together but at the Animal Kingdom I feel less rushed and can enjoy Mickey and Minnie a little more for group shots.

Let’s be honest, Disney always has something for everyone. When you mix in rarely seen animals with some Disney Magic, it seems to me that memories are for the taking. Next time you are visiting Disney World with the family consider Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Any place I go with my family is an adventure, Animal Kingdom just brings that adventure to real life.

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