5 Amazing Things about the Best Product my Kids Have had to Review – NeckNapperz

I would love to introduce you to Necknapperz.  I am getting paid to inform you about this product but this is LEGIT my own story, thoughts and opinions.  To be fair to you, my readers, I wanted to disclose the compensation to you.  I hope you enjoy read about our Necknapperz experience. 

I love to travel. My kids got this from me. Necknapperz are the perfect travel item for kids, which make them ideal for any adventures you could ever plan.  I write about so many products on my blog.  I figured I would let my kids tell you why they loved this product so much. 

Nolan took a immediate liking to this product.  But really ALL OF MY KIDS LOVE NECKNAPPERZ!!! 

Here are 5 amazing things about Necknapperz. (According to Nolan)

1.  My sister can snuggle and play with our lion.  It is adorable to see.  She wants to take it everywhere.

2.  The whole stuffed animal is kind of like a transformer. It’s pretty cool it transforms from a loveable plush animal into an neck pillow wrap. I take it to musical practice and take naps whenever I can.  It is so comfy.

3.  They are made with ultra-soft fabrics with space-age micro-beads.



4. I have taken it everywhere for about a month and it is still holding up.  My mom says it is made with high quality craftsmanship.  

 5.  It comes in a varity of animals so almost anyone can find a Necknapperz neck pillow. I think I know what everyone is going to get from me for Christmas.  (I hope none of my family reads this post! Check them out on Facebook!)


5 Things on My Summer Bucket List

1. Do something new

2. Hike a mountain

3. Lunch picnic with my husband

4. Read a book

5. Make vegan ice cream sandwiches with my kids

5 Amazing Things About Life360 during the summer

In Full Disclosure: I will be compensated for telling you how amazing Life360 is for our family.  I honestly love Life360 and opinions and suggested uses are mine. 

School’s Out!  For most of you, you will know We homeschool so this doesn’t make much of a difference but as my kids get older and get their own life I have been relying on Life360 more than ever before.

So, when it’s time to know if my oldest will be home soon in time for dinner This App Will Tells me!!!

Here are 5 amazing reasons why I love this app, especially in the summer! 

1. This saves me a phone call of being that nagging mother (cool mom points) asking “Where are you? How far from home? Should we wait for you? I love and miss you lots and lots and can’t wait to see your face.

2. This also helps me know about the daily adventures of my kiddo! “So, how was it at Tommy’s house today.  I saw you stopped by there!  How is his mom?” Dinner conversations are filled with topics and it keeps us talking.  That is important to me. 
3. Leverage changing family schedules during the summer months is a challenge.  Baseball season is thick into playoffs! Go Blue D Team!  We have 2 plays for each kid in the house and Life360 is a must-have tool to keep me connected to my family because all of my kid’s friends are home not just the homeschool ones! 

4.  55 million families use Life360 around the world so I am not the weird overprotective mom.  This is just reality in this tech time in this generation and I think it is great! 
5.  We can stay connected with my kiddos, by sharing location, messaging & other cool features.  This really helps when my kids are at home and I am the one out!  “Clean up, I am 15 minutes away!”
The Life360 app allows you to see at a glance where your child is and quickly send a message to them and they can see where I am too. 

 Set up your own private circles, there are no worries about check-ins being public!  Create shared “to-do lists” so you and your kids can keep on top of daily activities and chores – you can see when they’ve been completed!  It gives me the critical peace of mind they crave, while letting them give their kids a bit more independence.

 Also: It’s free!

How will you use Life360 with you kids this summer? 

5 Ways to make the world a better place online and your Mind Quiet and Healthy

In today’s world of online living there is always a conversation going.  Conversations can quickly escalate and emotions can run high.  I think, just like in real life, we can chose to be part of the problem or chose to be a solution to the noise.  Many people are lonely and many great things can happen by just reaching out and letting people you know love them via the internet. Here are 5 simple  ways to make the world a better place online.  Be Thoughtful this Thursday and make a difference online. 


1. Tweet or Facebook message a genuine compliment to three people right now.

2.  Compliment a parent on how well-behaved their child is.  Every mom/dad could hear they are doing a good job every once in a while! 

3. Don’t write the angry internet comment you’re thinking of writing, Evaluate or even walk away!

4. When everyone around you is complaining about politics or current events about something, be the one to butt in with something nice or when all else fails…..kittens. 

5. Challenge: Don’t use your phone for a full 24 hours for social media.  Be there for the moments for a full day. Take a break.  I love social media but I find deep value in being unplugged. 

Next Thursday I will share more Challenges on how you can help someone, even yourself, just by being behind a computer in just a few minutes a day. Be the change you want to see in this world! (Online and Offline) 

Happy Thursday!