5 Ways to Create more Calm in Your House

Is your home a little chaotic these days? Well, did you know that there are things you can do to create a more peaceful home? Check out these 5 ways you can start this process right now in your home.

5 peaceful ways to keep a calm house

#1. Limit Electronics
You can have a more peaceful home by limiting the number of electronics you allow in your life. Don’t keep your iPhone or iPad next to your bed if you can help it.

#2. Light a Candle or use an Oil Diffuser
Did you know lighting a candle within your home can help you have a more peaceful home? Give it a try! You can use several oils if this helps you feel more at peace. It is an added bonus that many people believe in aromatherapy to help you feel better.

#3. Clutter Free Home
Want a peaceful home? Get rid of some of the clutter. Your mind and soul will never feel at peace if you can’t get your house in order.

#4. Stay Calm
The woman is the center of the household, when she’s not calm the house isn’t calm and never will be.

#5. Design Your Home
When you design your home, you should think of ways to make it more peaceful. Maybe you don’t need that chaotic wall paper after all.

5 (Not-so-Amazing) Things You Need to Discuss with your Family for National Preparedness Month

My husband and I just sat my boys down and had a conversation with them that was needed. We live in NJ, smack in between Philly, NYC, and Washington D.C. I love where we live but when it comes to crisis and natural disasters my husband and I have come to terms with the fact we are grid locked. I love Cape May, NJ. I love calling it home so we aren’t leaving anytime soon. We will take Cape May, in beautiful weather and bad. But I am a realist and I want to be prepared and my family be prepared if a disaster was to hit.

Get prepared

The conversation started with just my husband and I and then we invited the kids in. These kind of situations can be scary for kiddos but being prepared can ease a lot of fear.

5 ways to Plan

We came up with a plan. I am very happy to share it with you. I encourage you to make a plan no matter where you live. I love my kids and cannot imagine a moment of not knowing where they are, but those occasional times happen. Cell phone towers do go down in bad weather and chaos ensues.

-Start with holding a family meeting to discuss and make a plan. Remember everyone needs to be on the same page. Although disasters can be scary, remaining calm and knowing you have a plan is important. It is in those times I want to have a family communication plan.

– I sat down with my husband and we discussed every scary scenario that we have ever held in our nightmares from tornadoes, hurricanes and beyond.
– We brought in the kids and announced our plan. We designated a relative that lives far away as our person to contact if we can’t reach each other. We discussed phones being out of service and discourage tying up phone lines and freeing them for emergency workers. We encouraged a texting communication plan.

– We focused the next week on memorizing phone numbers. In times of chaos, phones batteries die out. We memorized numbers so we do not rely on our cell phone contact list.
– We created a mutual place to meet that is out of the neighborhood in case we are unable to get to our home. We created a time table on when to check in and discussed ways to save our phone batteries. We considered email as an option if for some reason that is possible.


Overall, I walked away from the conversation relieved and feeling prepared. I remind everyone to remain calm and stick to the plan and ,as a mom, I walked away knowing we are a more connected family as ever. We will always think positive and if we ever are in need I know we have a plan. That, makes me feel more prepared. I hope you take the time to be prepared too. For more information visit Ready.gov!

Fall Week: 5 more amazing things you should do for Fall

#6. Bean Bag Toss
Being outside (or inside) is a fun way to play a game called bean bag toss. You can use cardboard boxes as the bean bag catcher.

#7. Hike a Trail
Leaves are so beautiful this time of year. It’s well worth your time to go on a hiking trail. You can walk and talk about the different leaves falling in your area. You can even collect leaves and acorns and use them for crafts or decorations.

#8. Obstacle Course
Since the weather has cooled down it’s the perfect time to create an obstacle course outside or inside with the kids. Have them jump, climb, and crawl their way through an obstacle course you create for them.

#9. Pin the Leaf
This is a cute knock off game of pin the tail on the donkey. Draw a huge tree on a piece of paper or a chalkboard you have at home, and have the kids pin the leaves on the tree. This is a fun game in so many ways.

#10. Bob for Apples
Have you ever played bob for apples? You always see this game played on television, but never in real life. You can change the game up a little bit if your little ones don’t want to grab applies with their teeth. Only let them use one hand or they have to use foreign objects to try and get apple out of the bucket. Pure fall fun.
Don’t these activities sound like fun? Let me know what activities you would add to this list.

Fall Week: 5 amazing things you must do this Fall

Fall has finally hit and your kids are probably ready to have some fall fun. Well, don’t just sit there and stay indoors, there are so many things to be done this season for fun.

#1. Jumping in leaves
You can’t possibly leave out jumping in leaves off your list this fall. Have the kids help rake up leaves and then jump in a big pile of them. This will be a highlight of your fall season. The best part is that you can do this multiple times this year.

#2. Leaf Painting

This is something that every mom and child should do this fall. Grab some leaves outside and start painting. You can either paint on the leaves themselves, or use the leaves for painting on paper.

#3. Make Leaf Shaped Cookies
If you can find a cookie cutter shaped like a leaf, you can make leaf shaped cookies. You can paint and decorate the leaves based off of what you find in your backyard as well.

#4. Apple Picking
Apple picking is a tradition that you will need to start with your kids this fall. It’s well worth making a round trip to an apple farm to get your stock of apples. There are so many delicious treats you can make with apples.

#5. Pumpkin Farm
A favorite of fall is also visiting pumpkin farms. It’s so much fun to visit a pumpkin patch and enjoy the different sizes and colors of the pumpkins in your region.